Conferencia de prensa Amazon en directo

Update 10:53: Se acaba la rueda de prensa. ¿Qué os ha parecido la conferencia? ¿Comentarios?

Update 10:51: Precio confirmado de 199$ y disponible desde el 15 de Noviembre.
Update 10:49: varios videos promocionales y uno reproduciendo X-Men la película en 1080.

Update 10:44: Unless Bezos goes on to say otherwise, the Kindle Fire looks like it will be US only for the time being. It appears intrinsically tied with Amazon cloud player, which hasn’t yet launched outside the US for legal reasons. The launch of the first Kindle was US-only too, so this wouldn’t be wholly extraordinary. –> Kindle Fire parece ser que estará asociado al Amazon Cloud Player y lamentablemente sólo para USA (al igual que en su momento lo fue el ereader Kindle).

Update 10:43: Kindle Fire: Also screen res is 1024×600. Kindle Fire has its own cloud supported browser called Amazon Silk.It works kinda like now Opera Mobile works. There are servers supporting it –> Kindle Fire tendrá su porpio sistema en la nube con múltiples servidores manteniéndolo, llamado Amazon Silk. Trabajará con el navegador Opera mobile.

Update: 10:41: Dual core CPU does games great. This isn’t a stop gap device –> será un dispositivo apto para jugones.

Update: 10:38: Now Showing off the Kindle Fire. It;s using its own interface, just like TC reported a few weeks ago. Appears to have a camera in upper left corner. It has the capacity for 100,000 movies, 17m songs, and magazines. It looks very cute –> está mostrando el Kindle Fire, el cual es tal y como TechCrunch lo publicaba hace varias semanas.

Update: 10:36: Whispersync now works for Movies and mp3 bought from Amazon.

Update: 10:34: Just pulled out Kindle Fire. 7″ IPS screen (not same as on NC), 14.6 ounces. Sells Amazon content including ebooks mp3s, movies, etc –> está mostrando el Kindle Fire que tiene una pantalla distinta al Nook Color.
Update: 10:32: Still pitching service but now doing AWS (Amazon Web Services).
Holy shit. Amazon now have 3  Kindles to undercut the Nook Touch and Kobo Touch.
Update: 10:29: Now promoting Amazon services – MP3, appstore, AmPrime, etc.

Update: 10:27: Kindle Touch will be priced at $99. Electronic ink, touch screen, free storage in Amazon cloud. Not bad. And now the big reveal. Kindle Touch 3G. That’s $149.

Well that wasn’t a big reveal – was it? Steve Jobs is probably feeling a bit better now. Is there more?
Yes there’s more! A $79 Kindle. No touch screen but 6oz. Those things are going to sell.
Los modelos nuevos de ereaders en distintas versiones:
– Kindle Touch sin 3G –> 99$ con publicidad/139$ sin publicidad –> disponible desde noviembre.
– Kindle Touch con 3G –> 149$  con publicidad–> disponible desde noviembre
– Kindle no Touch –> 79$ con publicidad/109$ sin publicidad –>disponible desde hoy. Para España cuesta 117€ (dispositivo + gastos de envío).

Kindle Fire